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Why Should You Use a Measured Building Survey?

It’s tempting to think that measuring a project site or space is simple enough. Surely it is all just a case of taking rules and measures all the way around a building! However, it’s rarely as cut and dried as this. Clients and customers looking to set up in Manchester will want accuracy in everything they receive. Therefore, as a building project manager or architect, you should look at measured building survey services to help achieve the most accuracy in all that you do.

But what exactly is a measured building survey? Crucially, it’s a thorough inspection and plan which revolves around 3D laser scanning. 3D laser scanning Manchester practices are growing more and more popular in the city, as well as elsewhere in the UK. The reasons for this are pretty obvious! That’s because, with a 3D laser scan, you can achieve greater accuracy than you’d ever hope for with physical measurements.

“Accuracy is Everything”


Working in the architecture and design industries, it’s important to remember that accuracy is everything. By hiring a 3D laser scanning Manchester company, you can ensure that every single inch of your space records carefully in your plans and models. In fact, one of the benefits to measured survey services in Manchester is the fact that you can use point cloud survey results to export to several different file types and AutoDesk software, for example.

A 3D laser scanning service is going to ensure that you achieve accuracy through all that you do. The best 3D laser scanners will map millions of points onto physical spaces and features. These will then capture and convert into an as-built 3D BIM model, or as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings, which you can use for various purposes.

Without accuracy, your clients are going to look elsewhere. Why not show them what they can expect from their project before you even start? A great measured survey will do all of that for you and more.

More Time For Your Work

By taking on a measured survey company, you can ensure that you have less work on your plate. Normally, you would be measuring and planning everything on your own. There is, of course, still plenty of work for you to do! In fact, by delegating measured building survey work to a local professional, you can ensure you have more time to attend to other project essentials.

Think about how long it takes to accurately measure a space or project area. If you are doing everything by hand, you are not only risking the level of accuracy in your project, but you are also risking losing crucial time elsewhere.

Manchester 3D laser scanning services will ensure that all the points you need to capture map out clearly, and that you can go ahead and start on actively building or delivering content and plans to your clients. The more time you save in planning means more time you will have to actively attend to other areas of your work. We use tools such as FARO 3D laser scanners to get the best results.

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Professional Support is a Must

Even if you have a great team behind you already, it’s a good idea to look for as much professional support and guidance as possible when it comes to planning. If you face a complex project demand, for example, and you lack confidence, you should always ask for help. If you are a seasoned architect or designer, it makes sense that you should ask for help from a measured building survey company in Manchester or elsewhere.

There is never any harm in asking for help! A full measured building survey in Manchester will offer greater accuracy than you would expect from hand measurements. What’s more, it will also ensure that you save time and money in the bargain. Why should you waste any of this when time and accuracy are of the essence?

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Are you looking for help in 3D laser scanning Manchester practices? Do you have a large or complex project coming up which you may need measuring and surveying support with? No problem. Call our team now for a free quote and do take a look around our website for more information. Why offer less than accurate plans to your clients?