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7 Reasons to Use 3D Laser Scanning for Measured Building Survey

3D laser scanning is a digital scanning technology that captures the actual size and shape of an object. 3D laser scanning is essential in streamlining the construction and building process. With the complications of managing a construction business, Manchester 3D Laser Scanning services aims to make your processes as efficient as possible.

Due to its reliability and accurate ways to create exact digital design files, 3D laser scanning is widely used in the building and construction industry. Details below explain why 3D laser scanning is beneficial for a measured building survey.

“7 Reasons to Use 3D Laser Scanning for Measured Building Survey”

1. Utilise Available 2D Drawings, 3D BIM Model for the Design Stage

Manchester 3D laser scanning services provide accurate and thorough data on existing structure conditions that are vital for structuring, designing, and planning. With such precise data, a project can start and progress quickly at the same time helps predict any potential issues before they happen.
Compared to traditional blueprints, 3D models can be easily updated or modified throughout the construction process. Also, digital files can be shared effectively and safely on the web, so everybody in the team can easily access the needed data and information. A reputable 3D Laser scanning Manchester company can provide professional assistance on how to store and share your digital files with ease.

You can get in touch with a dedicated measured building survey company to help you before you begin your building process. A well thoroughly planned design minimises possible problems in the future.

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2. 3D Laser scanning can be used to create a point cloud that can be converted to 2D drawings or 3D models

3D laser scanning can capture thousands of data per second including the most complex buildings and structures. With accurate physical representation, work is fast and efficient. Since digital files can be shared and accessed online, communication is easy and quick.

If you want to obtain the best 3D laser scanning Manchester practices and for measured building survey service in Manchester, check out their page for more information.

3. 3D laser scanning can be used as-built surveys for project designs

3D laser scanning service is widely used by surveyors these days, especially for existing buildings and structures. This method is also commonly used to create building proposals.
A 3D laser scan can be easily updated and modified in case changes are necessary before the start of the building process.

4. 3D laser scanning can be used as existing AS-build drawings for planning, design and building plans

This cutting edge technology captures accurate and thorough details which can make the work progress at an accelerated rate. A measured building survey company can assist you to create a design plan that can be easily updated and modified. Professional assistance also prevents potential issues and problems in your design plans.

5. Check quantities for more accurate estimates during the bidding process

3D laser scanning is also beneficial during the bidding process. This does not only simplifies the bidding process but also allows participating bidding companies to provide accurate estimations. By utilising 3D laser scanning, you are spared from unnecessary spending on materials. This high level of accuracy allows bidding companies to provide correct measurements, so less time is also needed to complete the bidding process.

6. 3D laser scanning can be used to verify if the actual building matches the design plans

3D laser scanning models are less complex compared to 2D drawings, thus making designs easier to understand, That being said, it is easy to spot if there are any differences between the actual building and the proposed design. Since digital files can be conveniently stored, this also serves as a record for future changes.

7. 3D laser scanning can be used as post-construction scans for efficient building management

With such accuracy, a 3D laser can easily detect if the proposed design matches to the actual building. Also, 3D laser scanning can precisely measure floor elevation which allows you to predict building maintenance issues in the future.
These days, 3D laser scanning is used in different industries due to its multiple advantages. First, 3D laser scanning is cost effective because this can be outsourced to us. Besides, 3D scanning protects surveyors from harm especially if survey locations are dangerous due to environmental hazards. Lastly, 3D scanning makes work quick and convenient.

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