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Understand 3D BIM Models and Their Uses Within 3D Laser Scanning

How can an as built 3D BIM model help to improve your planning accuracy?

When it comes to Manchester 3D laser scanning services, there are all kinds of ways you can work with the data that you capture.  For example, you can produce 2D AutoCAD drawings with elevations and full floor plans.  You can even create fantastic fly-throughs of a space or site, allowing your clients and customers to see exactly what you have in mind for the end result of your project.  However, for many professionals, an as built 3D BIM model is likely to provide an incredible level of detail, guidance and support.

But how exactly does BIM work?  Is it a staple of all measured building survey services?  Should you be looking at 3D first, and 2D second?  There are no right or wrong answers.  Crucially, BIM models can help designers and building teams investigate spaces in incredible detail.  The righty measured building survey company will be able to produce an amazing design that you can adapt and view through a variety of different software.  It really is that simple – and that flexible!

Here’s a quick guide on what to expect from 3D BIMs, as well as how a measured building survey service can help to bring even the tightest of spaces to life.

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How People Use BIMs in 3D Laser Scanning

When looking for a leading 3D laser scanning Manchester company, you should look for a service which supports as many different file exports and models as possible.  At the very least, they should offer a model or standard which is easy to adapt to various suites and pieces of software.

A 3D BIM, or even a 2D model, will be easy for you to manage and manipulate.  Once a 3D laser scan is complete, our team will be able to produce a flexible plan, or model, which can then be used to change and modify as you wish.  Using leading software, you can ensure to tweak and edit your spaces without you ever needing to actually be there.  This means that you can take a flexible, portable version of your site with you in the form of a 3D plan, and then add in features and take away pieces which you feel aren’t going to work.

BIMs are also extremely accurate.  A measured building survey company will likely recommend using a BIM model format if you want to take an intensive look at how your space is going to look and perform in the long run.  While 2D plans will also be accurate, there are few file types and models which give you quite as much insight as 3D BIMs.  Therefore, always be willing to keep an open mind.

What Are Some Benefits to Using BIMs?

Many architects and teams use 3D laser scanning services to create BIMs for various reasons.  This is because the files are easy to use, easy to manipulate, and are quick and simple to share with others online.  Therefore, instead of having to fiddle around with various plans, bits and pieces elsewhere, you can simply edit and reframe your whole project from one simple platform and model.

This is going to save you a lot of time and effort.  A measured building survey which produces BIMs will also give you incredible accuracy.  Accuracy means money saved, too.  Think about all the times you may have had to make slight edits or even recover from large errors along the way.  These errors are always likely to cost you more money in the long run.  That’s because you will need to pay out extra for more labour, and you will need to spend time away from other leads and projects to fix things up.

When looking for Manchester 3D laser scanning services, do make sure to sign up with a team who works with BIMs.  BIMs are accurate, cost-effective, easy to use, and manageable for a wide variety of purposes and uses.

If you’re looking for a 3D laser scanning Manchester company, make sure to contact our team for a leading BIM quote now, either via phone or through email.  We’re always here and happy to help!