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How 3D Laser Scanning Helped Reverse Engineering

Since computers and wireless technology have been introduced, companies have adapted to these changes not only to keep up with the increasing demands, but also for productivity and quality. Businesses across all industries must stay ahead of the competition, and 3D laser scanning has been instrumental in making positive impacts in almost all industries, including reverse engineering.

3D laser scanning is an effective approach and will remain a significant tool in all reverse engineering projects. Replacing the traditional and manual ways of measuring various parts of a machine has been replaced with a non-contact, cost-effective solution that assures high accuracy, reliability, and consistency. Introducing 3D laser scanning to your business will not only streamline your workflow but also save your organisation a lot of money in the long run.

3D Laser Scanning in Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering involves redesigning a product or recreating the entire product in cases where that specific product is no longer manufactured, discontinued, or parts are obsolete. One intentionally deconstructs an object, machine, or product to see how it was created. With reverse engineering, it does only allow reverse engineers and manufacturers to manufacture an existing object but also the ability to find issues and fix them.

3D laser scanners have the capabilities to capture the exact design and precise physical characteristics of an object. Even intricate features are scanned accurately leaving no room for error compared to the manual approach. Handheld 3D scanners made hard-to-reach surfaces scanning possible. In a matter of seconds or minutes, the job is done with the computer showing the detailed and accurate representation of the object.

3D scanners have come a long way. Before, it was only considered a trend where initial costs were thousands of pounds. But now, after 3D scanners are recognised as tools in every industry, kits are now available for as low as £1,500.

The accessibility of 3D laser scanners and compatible software allowed reverse engineers to complete simple to complex reverse engineering projects. Intricate parts and workings of products can now be viewed requiring less time. In just seconds, you can have a copy of the product you want to work with and copy it for 2D CAD plans and 3D MEP models.

Reverse Engineering with 3D Laser Scanning

Get ahead of the competition and incorporate 3D laser scanning in your reverse engineering projects. The use of a 3D laser scanner will give you the confidence that high accuracy images it produces will make the process faster, easier, at the same time rewarding you with a cost-effective solution.

Besides, using these detailed 3D models will allow parties involved to make changes and modifications to the design and see if this will work. With these features, engineers can test if the design will work or not which guarantees every project is made to work efficiently.

Below are the numerous benefits that you can get should you decide to invest in a 3D laser scanning kit:

  • 3D laser scanning eliminates the strain of working longer hours needed to measure large or complex objects
  • Makes the work easier and simpler
  • It also terminates the need for manual deconstruction
  • The use of this high accuracy technology eliminates the risk of human errors
  • 3D laser scanning will expedite the analyzing and manufacturing process with reliable results
  • 3D laser scanning approach gives the freedom to alter the design
  • In addition, this method allows reverse engineers to discover flaws in the design and have these fixed
  • Gets rid of the hardship in measuring sensitive components

The use of 3D laser scanning technology in reverse engineering has break barriers and will increasingly become an essential part of most activities and projects across all industries. The use of 3D scanners, CAD plans, and BIM models allow reverse engineers, designers, architects, and other experts to see details of what the normal eye cannot see which results in quality and lasting outcomes.

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Prices are dependent on your level of requirements and the time needed to complete the project. If you are working on a budget, you can always inquire about their rates through the online quotation request form.

Prices are dependent on your level of requirements and the time needed to complete the project. If you are working on a budget, you can always inquire about their rates through the online quotation request form.

In the meantime, if you are not ready to make that 3D laser scanning technology investment yet but needs its precise and detailed results, let the experts at Manchester Measured Survey take care of it.