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Keeping Up With Construction: Exploring Infrastructure Changes

Construction changes come and go – as experts in 3D laser scanning, we know only too well that tools and software are always likely to evolve as years go by. In construction right now, however, there are a variety of big changes afoot which might just change the whole game.

From smarter connectivity to 3D BIM Modelling, new touches to building design efficiency and cloud data, there are plenty of interesting ways in which construction and design are becoming easier to manage. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest infrastructure changes that are occurring right now before our very eyes.

3D Printing Is Here To Stay

3D printing is more than a fad. It’s not only changing the way peoples produce arts and crafts – as well as more sensitive pieces such as healthcare items and even weaponry components – it’s having a resounding effect on construction.

3D printing is proving to have a huge knock-on effect for turnaround times in the actual building of projects. Instead of waiting weeks for specific parts to become available, for example, a 3D print job can – and will – ensure that crucial pieces arrive at the touch of a button. It’s absolutely fascinating!

With the demand for building efficiency to go up and up as years go by, it will not be surprising to see 3D printable become more commonplace industry-wide for years to come.

Into The Cloud

Cloud computing isn’t just useful in the office. It’s changed the way that many of us have been able to adapt to remote working, for example, and it’s allowed specialists in construction and infrastructure design to freely share and access important plans.

There is no longer a need to ‘get back to base’ to access files and plans that you may send from project sites. With tools that can access the cloud (such as leading 3D laser scanner equipment), infrastructure teams can now send crucial, accurate data into an off-site storage system that can be accessed anywhere with a data connection.

As you can imagine, this has led to a huge turnaround in project completion times. That’s only ever going to keep the clients happy, as well as your average 3D laser scanning company experts!

Augmented Reality (AR)

This stage will obtain and review estimates from different specialty contractVirtual Reality, or VR, is just one fantastic technological standard through which building design firms can make plans and flythroughs more immersive. However, Augmented Reality, or AR, is going one step further within architects, contractors and construction.

AR is technology that allows building design experts to effectively map 3D models or objects onto a real space, in real time, using an app or suite. This means that – instead of running the risk of simply seeing how a project transpires in the long run, you can effectively see the end result before building even begins. That is a huge boost to project management as well as client satisfaction.

When it comes to the infrastructure construction landscape, plenty of emphasis is placed on chance. In years gone by, firms and experts may have relied on traditional measurements and ‘chancing’ end results working out as they expect. Coupled with the best in 3D laser scanning technology, AR can help to produce amazing visualisations that offer accurate, confident predictions and plans.

AR can not only come in handy during infrastructure planning, but also for customer and client promotion. People want to see what they are paying for long before work begins – and can you really blame them?

Changes On The Horizon

As mentioned, big infrastructure changes are always likely to come along. Technology is not going to stop evolving, and not only that, a demand for efficiency and accuracy will never cease.

With that in mind, it really does make sense to keep your finger on the pulse. The Infrastructure For London Report is great for keeping in touch with the latest in construction trends.

If you need help from an accurate measured survey sooner rather than later, make sure to get in touch with the team at Manchester Measured Survey. Using the best in 3D laser scanning technology – and keeping abreast of all the latest changes – you can rely on us to provide you with all the project planning support you desire.