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Why You Need A Topographical Survey for your Construction Site

Are you in the process of finishing a large-scale building project? Need help with 3D laser scanning or are considering using topographical surveys to fully understand the wider area? Measured building surveys will help you understand each and every element of your building interior and exterior – but with a topographical survey, you can ensure a more comprehensive scanner of a larger site.

What is a topographical survey?

A topographical survey will produce a map of the terrain, including any changes in elevation and other important information that could affect how your building or development project will look or function once built. Topographical survey completed through the use of GPS and other specialist tools will therefore give you an amazing insight into how your site will affect the wider area around you.

The most common method for creating a digital model of a site is to use 3D laser scanning technology. This involves using high-resolution cameras to capture images from multiple angles. The data collected by these cameras are then processed through software programs designed to create a three-dimensional (3D) representation of the scanned area such as Revit software. These 3D models can be used to show the shape, size, orientation, and condition of the property as well as its geology, vegetation, water bodies, roads, buildings, etc. In addition, through the completion of a topographical survey, you receive detailed 2D site plans which indicate all humanmade and natural features, and boundary levels of your construction site.

What is the difference between a topographical survey and a measured building survey?

Topographical surveys are typically conducted at a larger scale than measured building surveys – though both may be considered a laser scanning survey, just at different scopes. For instance, a topographical survey may cover several acres while a measured building survey is limited to the building site.

However, both types of survey involve measuring various features such as walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs, and elevations. To ensure accurate results, it’s best to have the services of professionals who specialise in each type of comprehensive data survey.

What are the key benefits of a topographical survey in construction?

The cost-effective, high resolution data that 3D laser scanning provides enables engineers and architects to create accurate models of their projects. This information is used by designers as well as contractors during construction to ensure everything fits together correctly at every stage.

It also helps them to make informed decisions about what materials or equipment to use for each part of the project, and how they will be installed. The resulting data can then be used to improve the look and feel of a building, making it more attractive to clients and visitors. When it comes to topographical survey drawings, you can be sure that you know precisely where your project is heading, even from up high and all around.

What’s more, topographical surveys will help you to reach project deadlines and checkpoints with amazing efficiency. Point cloud data at measured building level, in tandem with topographical building data, is fantastic at ensuring that you have all the information you need to move your project along.

Looking for a topographical survey for your Manchester construction site?

Since drone surveying cuts down the data gathering, surveyors and team parties involved will have a lot of time on decision makings. With a high precision camera, data analytics, and programmed autonomous flights, a drone can ultimately deliver survey results faster.

With lesser time needed, employees can focus more on more important issues that are crucial for the growth of the business as well as the employees.

No Need for Start Up Cost

With lesser time needed, employees can focus more on more important issues that are crucial for the growth of the business as well as the employees.

A drone survey service from Manchester Measured Survey will take care of everything using the latest UAV technology along with 3D laser scanning technology standards for precise and reliable deliverables.

Make Hard-to-Reach Areas Accessible

For optimum accuracy, efficiency and complete confidence in your construction projects, topographical surveying can be incredibly supportive. However, it’s always a good idea to consult a team of experts who can ensure you receive the best results. Contact our experienced team today for a free consultation – and let’s get your project moving!