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Explore 3D Measured Tools to Build Without Bricks

As technology evolves and the need for more infrastructure arises, engineers, designers, and architects have switched to digital methods. This is to address the demands while enhancing their workflow.

Even before the ground-breaking ceremony, developers are now able to present a real-time view of what clients expect in an interactive way. Plus, clients can design their dream properties with everything that they wanted themselves and they can make changes at any time they wanted.

Interactive and Real-time

We at Manchester Measured Survey recently discovered a real-time 3D tool that makes it now possible to create everything you want for a property that you wish to own.

The real-time interactive application has been used for a project in Canada, the Galleria III. The 31-story condo is soon to be constructed in a very industrial area in Canada.

The company commissioned the services of Pureblink Digital to address the major key sales issue – the difficulty to visualise the property after the project completion.

Through this 3D tool, future Galleria III property owners can access this tool through their web browsers. Through the web browser, a prospective buyer gets to have a feel of the available condo units, the unit layout including floor plans, and explore the inside and outside features of the unit.

Anytime and anywhere as long as there is a stable Internet connection, prospective unit buyers can access this immersive tool.

With such convenience and accessibility, the real estate and AEC industry can hit their goals and build more infrastructure despite the economic uncertainty and health restrictions brought by the COVID19 global pandemic.

In the Western side of the Caribbean, the Roatan app already exists which was developed by Unreal Engine, the same company that helped the developers of Galleria III in Canada.

In Roatan, the largest and most developed of the Bay Islands, the app was specifically made for a real estate development named Beyabu. The app allows potential property buyers to personalise their future homes or offices.

Prospective buyers can explore different environments for their property. The app works just like when you are personalising a car, where almost everything you wish in a property is possible with a realistic and real-time view.

The selection of roof types, fixtures, and fittings are a few features that you can customise. The buyer’s selections are then sent off to a sustainable manufacturing company where materials and assembled and configured.

The app does not only offer convenience, accuracy, and efficiency but also aids in achieving sustainable real estate developments.

Property Development and its Future

3D laser scanning opened great opportunities for different industries to streamline their processes.

The technology has been utilised for a variety of applications like building laser scanning, laser scanning for investigation, medical, and real estate.

For most people, living in a property that has everything they want and represents their distinct taste and style is a dream come true. With the mass production of residential and commercial properties, customisation will always stand out.

After all, owning a real estate property is an investment, so it should showcase that it’s really “yours”.

Real estate developers, contractors, engineers, architects, and designers are expected to see more advancements and new features in this existing 3D tool.

The increased level of detail, filters in scales, options in plots, and 3D real environment will entice more prospective buyers. Offering buyers, the opportunity to have an interactive view of the finished product lowers the risk of hesitations in property buying.

BIM and 3D modelling allow the easy visualisation and open plan for impressive building projects. The delivery of Revit models, CAD models, BIM models, SketchUp model, mesh model and plant design models, all of these solutions compile to focus on digitalisation within construction and architecture.

With this kind of 3D tool, buyers are confident that they are not making a leap of faith, but instead, making a wise investment. And having a view of the property as close to the real thing will satisfy property owners even before the actual construction of the project.

As for the developer’s perspective, a 3D tool like this decreases the costly rebuild and time-consuming design changes should clients change their preferences.

All stakeholders are sure winners as the final design will satisfy both the developer and the client.

Now, if you are interested in finding more about the world of laser scanning surveying and BIM, our range of resources can be accessed right here.

Also, let us know how we can help you with your projects. Contact our team of certified surveyors and let us come up with the best solution for your project.