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Underground Surveys: What, why and how?

What Is an Underground Survey?

Underground surveys are used to identify and map the assets that exist beneath the surface, including the depth and positioning of structures, utilities and potential hazards that may affect your planned construction project, like new property developments on the land. Underground surveys bear immense importance since it helps you understand what lies beneath the ground from the initial stage of your project before any construction of spatial planning.

When contractors use underground mapping that is reliable, comprehensive, and accurate, they can operate with confidence before or during the construction phase of their building or site project. Examining in real-time with camera images and receiving a full digital imagery has never been as efficient and quick using on-site specialist software. Analyse, obtain and examine underground data to plan and execute your building projects.

How Do Underground Surveyors Work?

Underground mapping and surveying is conducted with the use of the latest electromagnetic scan, a non-intrusive method to capture fine and precise detail and measurement. Determine the location and level of the object in question for the vast majority of underground utility surveys. You can achieve all this through the use of active RFL imaging or using GPR.

RFL helps gather information on the following:

  • Metallic fuel tubes
  • Metallic exhaust pipes
  • Electrical wires
  • Telecommunications cables (metallic)
  • Communication wires
  • pipes made of metal carrying water
  • Metal gas pipes
  • Cable Television cables

How Does GPR Help in Underground Surveying?

We use GPR surveys to detect a variety of things, including the following:

  • Optic fibre connections
  • Plastic gas pipelines
  • Cement pipes
  • Pipes for water made of plastic
  • Clay pipes
  • Gas Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Drainage (foul and surface water)
  • Plastic vent ducts

GPR becomes an essential part of the surveying and pre-construction process, as it provides an accurate overview of the site’s pitfalls, potential and resolution. Why is it important to conduct detailed underground utility surveying? You avoid the risk of excessive excavation with no substance and modification of the grounds. Save time, money and effort with a detailed report, detailing every subsurface utility, ready to be delivered to your team.

What Will You Receive?

The underground surveying does not stop at the point of completing the survey on-site. Our surveyors capture all necessary information as specified and use this to compile accurate data through detailed reports and visual imagery so you have a clear view of the utilities underground. Receive precise reports and allow yourself to navigate when working on-site excavation and planning projects, with the confidence of understanding completely what you will be working with.

Parting Thoughts

Are you looking for the best underground utility surveys? Our team at Manchester Measured Survey can help you with all your surveying needs. Our professional team holds the BSI standards ‘PAS 128 specification’ for underground utility detection. Get in touch with us today and have things sorted!