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Why you need a Measured Building Survey

A measured building survey usually serves as the foundation of any design process because it helps to avoid any inaccuracies in the construction process. You need an in-depth measured building survey before commencing your building project to ensure that it is built correctly so that the construction process runs smoothly. As a result, an understanding of what measured building surveys involve is very crucial for a building project.

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is a detailed survey process relating to both internal and external aspects of a building. Manchester measured surveyors use the latest and leading 3D laser scanning technology to capture accurate measurements of a building, site and structures, producing an accurate data for use to represent a particular project on a digital format. Using our precise equipment, we can capture accurate data of up to 1 million points per second. This guarantees a client’s complete confidence in dependable data that ensures correct measurement for a building project.

Why you need a Measured Building Survey Service:

1. A measured building survey is required for the redevelopment of a property, or when extending it. Since the survey covers the internal floor plans, internal and external elevations, as well as the building’s cross sections, homeowners get the complete record of the property, ensuring accurate measurement when proceeding with a planned work.
2. One of the primary reasons for conducting a measured building survey is accuracy. Through the survey, a surveyor will be able to measure all the dimensions of a building and use this data to generate a scaled drawing. The drawing thus provides a reference point as a guideline during an expansion or remodelling a project.
3. Apart from providing plans for construction projects, a measured building survey can be used to give Lease and Land Registry drawings showing property boundaries and to avoid future disputes between neighbouring properties.
4. The results can be delivered in the format of a 3D point cloud, as-built 2D drawings or 3D BIM models which can assist you in the process of redeveloping, planning and designing your development project.
5. We offer a comprehensive measured building survey service that allows an efficient and swift delivery to professionals, such as architects, designers, construction professionals and facility managers. Our survey is a swift service for a quick turnaround on deliverables.

What will you receive from a Measured Building Survey Service?

Receive accurate digital representation of an existing building and structures in your requested format and level of detail, as either 3D point cloud, scaled as-built 2D drawings, or 3D BIM Models for redevelopment, planning, and designing process of your project.

Why choose Manchester Measured Survey?

Manchester Measured Survey specialists are experienced in measured building surveys, leveraging on the latest 3D Laser Scanning technology that guarantees accurate results delivered in your required format and level of detail. We deliver secure services for sensitive environment and construction sites. Book your survey service and receive information on structural elements and features such as floor levels, walls, doors, beams, fitting, windows, heights and more through our reliable surveys.

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