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How are As-built Drawings used in Construction and Architecture?

An as-built drawing is the starting point of any physical construction process. The designs prepared by architects or engineers help builders to clearly visualise the structure of their project. In case there is need to make changes to the original design, then producing as-built drawings is a great necessity.

What are As-built 2D Drawings?

As-built drawings are simply a revised set of drawings produced by a contractor upon the completion of a building project. The drawings represent the final exact construction of a building, with all materials, dimensions, components, locations and details of elements of a building, showcasing the building and its components as laid during the process of construction. The drawings are helpful in reviewing any changes made to the specifications at the construction phase. With our professional as-built drawings, the geometry, location and measurements of the completed work are clearly displayed, allowing you to track and record all the changes made in each stage of the construction process.

How are As-built 2D Drawings created?

Manchester Measured Survey produces accurate and hyper-detailed as built 2D drawings from an onsite measured building survey. With the help of advanced 3D laser scanning equipment and software, our specialist surveyors will deliver a measured building survey (as-built survey): an accurate digital representation of existing buildings and structures. Data from the survey is used to produce efficient as-built 2D drawings using AutoCAD software.

Types of As-built Drawings:

Why are they Important in Construction and Architecture?

  • New construction: Building plans are an essential aspect of any new construction that previously existed only on paper. The as-built drawings record the changes that occur during construction so that an accurate drawing is produced when the building construction is complete.
  • Renovation projects: As-built drawings provide a detailed understanding of a building, which is essentially required before beginning works on any renovation project for safety and efficiency.
  • Document every step of the way: A design necessarily undergoes changes due to various factors, even after the preparation of the final drawings, and construction commences. Therefore, the documentation of the as-built drawings is an important undertaking.
  • Maintenance: A building construction will continually be updated and modified throughout its lifespan. The staffs will be updating the drawings to factor in the improvements made to the structure, ensuring that the correct drawing of the building exists all the times.

Why Trust a Measured Building Survey company to deliver As-built Drawings?

As-built drawings provide contractors with a detailed record of improvements made during the construction process, making it easier to visualise the next steps. Complications caused by the changes can easily be spotted and corrected before escalating into something bigger. This can only happen with the help of an accurate and reliable data! Our measured building survey company in Manchester delivers your requested as-built 2D drawings, with the required format and level of detail, such as DWG or PDF.

Manchester Measured Survey specialists have years of experience and knowledge, enabling the provision of quality results for site plans, floor plans, roof plans, cross-sections, internal and external elevations.

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