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BIM services

Empowering Your Projects with Advanced BIM Services

Delivering scan to for different types of projects, Manchester Measured Survey Company stands at the forefront of the architectural, construction, and renovation sectors. Our mission is to bring the transformative power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to every project we get involved in, ranging from small-scale renovations to large infrastructure undertakings. With a deep understanding of the varied demands across project types, our team tailors our approach to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that whether it’s a commercial build, a residential development, or a public infrastructure project, the benefits of scan to BIM are fully leveraged.

Our suite of services, including advanced scan to BIM modelling (or point cloud to BIM conversions) is designed to provide accurate, efficient, and detailed models that form the backbone of any successful project. By employing cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology and expert BIM consulting services, we capture and create precise digital representations of physical spaces, facilitating improved decision-making from the design phase through to construction and management.infrastructure project, the benefits of scan to BIM are fully leveraged.


Comprehensive Scan to BIM Services for Industrial Facility Expansion

BIM consulting

At Manchester Measured Survey Company, we’re not just consultants but partners in your project’s journey. Our expertise spans BIM project management, BIM facility management, and BIM construction management, ensuring that our clients benefit from a holistic and integrated approach to managing their projects. With a focus on sustainability, cost-saving, and error minimisation, our BIM services are tailored to enhance the quality and efficiency of every project.

Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we aim to redefine what’s possible in different industries, bringing the future into the present day.

Advanced BIM Services in Action: Urban Infrastructure Project

Understanding Building Information Management (BIM)

Building Information Management (BIM) is the cornerstone of modern construction and design, embodying a process and technology that creates a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of places. It is a holistic approach that supports decision-making throughout the lifecycle of a building or infrastructure, from preliminary planning to demolition, encompassing design, construction, operation, and maintenance phases.


Innovative Scan to BIM Services

Our flagship offering, Scan to BIM services, exemplifies our commitment to bridging the gap between tangible structures and their digital counterparts. This process transforms point cloud scan data from the physical environment into a meticulously detailed 3D BIM model, mirroring the current condition with exceptional fidelity. We adeptly handle diverse Level of Detail and data formats, including .pptx, .pcg, .xyx, .dwg, .dgn, .rvt, and .fls files, ensuring our services are versatile and compatible with any project requirement.


Scan to BIM Services for Large Commercial Project

The SCAN TO BIM Process Explained

We have refined our Scan to BIM process into four critical stages for maximum efficiency and accuracy


Defining the objectives and data needed for the project.

Scan Planning

Crafting a strategic approach to capture comprehensive point cloud data.


Employing advanced 3D laser scanning technology to collect data accurately.

Processing and 3D Modeling

Converting the gathered data into a dynamic and precise 3D BIM model.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Scan to BIM


Detailing ventilation systems for optimal air quality and flow.

Lighting Fixtures

Modeling of interior and exterior lighting arrangements for efficiency and ambiance.


Mapping all plumbing lines for effective water distribution and waste removal.

Electrical Systems

Including wiring, panels, switches, and fixture locations for a complete electrical layout.

HVAC Systems

Detailed representation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units for environmental comfort and energy management.

Fire Protection Systems

Incorporating fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and emergency lighting for safety compliance.

Energy Management Systems

Modeling for energy optimization, including renewable energy integration.


Detailing data cabling, server rooms, and communication equipment for comprehensive connectivity.

Security Systems

Adding surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection for building security.

Specialty Equipment

Modeling specific systems like medical gases in healthcare facilities or manufacturing equipment in industrial settings.

Specialty Equipment

Modeling specific systems like medical gases in healthcare facilities or manufacturing equipment in industrial settings.

Supply and Return Vents

Accurate placement of vents for efficient HVAC operation.

Specialty Mechanical Equipment

Including custom machinery and systems unique to the building’s function.

Supplementary Heating

Detailing additional heating solutions, such as underfloor heating systems.


Modeling for ventilation and airflow control.

Electrical Boxes and Conduit

Precise locations for all electrical conduits and boxes.

Outer Dimensions of Piping

Ensuring accurate sizing and placement of all plumbing components.

Sprinkler Systems

Detailed layout for fire suppression systems.

Handrails and Guardrails

Including safety features within the MEP modeling.

Sprinkler Systems

Detailed layout for fire suppression systems.

Elevators and Escalators

Detailed modeling for vertical transportation systems.

Data and Communication Systems

For modern buildings’ IT and communication needs.


Leveraging BIM Applications for Success

Our BIM services extend far beyond modeling, touching every aspect of a project’s lifecycle:

  • Design and Planning: Facilitating a collaborative and informed design process.
  • BIM Construction Management: Streamlining operations through virtual installations and enhancing safety with predictive modelling.
  • BIM Facility Management: Utilising accurate data for effective building operation, maintenance, and improved health and safety.
  • BIM document management: BIM document management is a streamlined system designed for organising all data and documents within the BIM process. This system ensures everything is neatly sorted in digital folders and archives, allowing for the easy and effective creation, management, and sharing of project information. By facilitating a highly organised digital environment, our BIM services enhance efficiency and collaboration across project teams.
  • BIM for asset management: integrates Building Information Modeling with asset lifecycle management across three key scenarios: transitioning existing assets into BIM, developing new assets within a BIM framework, and managing both new and existing assets using BIM. This approach streamlines documentation, enhances operational efficiency, and supports informed decision-making, leading to improved sustainability and cost-effectiveness of asset management.

Detailed 3D Model of the building from Scan to BIM Services


Scan to BIM cost

Scan to BIM cost is determined by a combination of factors, including the size of the area to be scanned, the complexity of the structure, and the level of detail required in the resulting BIM model. At Manchester Measured Survey Company, we prioritise offering scalable and flexible point cloud to BIM services that cater to a diverse array of project specifications and budget constraints. This approach ensures that regardless of the project’s scope or intricacy, our clients can leverage the full benefits of our BIM survey capabilities without compromising on quality or precision. By tailoring our services to meet these key factors, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions that enhance the overall value and efficiency of our clients’ projects through the adoption of advanced technologies.


Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor
We were looking for a topographical survey to be done for our company’s office blocks. Manchester Measured Survey completed an accurate and professional job. Received details drawing on time in great quality. Many thanks!
Terry Brown
Terry Brown
Our new property’s project architect recommended us to recieve a 3D point cloud survey from Manchester Measured Survey. These guys were a pleasure to work with and as a result their work was very helpful for our project overall. Highly recommended to everybody!
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson
Very delighted with the service I received from these guys. They were a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use them again.
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown
Our company has used the Manchester Measured Survey for over two years now for all our measured building survey needs. Happy with the service provided to us. The drawings were high quality and delivered in time. All our requirements were met. Highly recommended.
Sophie Newman
Sophie Newman
Many thanks to the team at Manchester Measured Survey. They were super responsive and we received our floor plans and elevations very quickly and the detail is immaculate! Will definitely be using them again for future projects.
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson
Our architectural firm required an urgent measured building survey and it was impossible to get an appointment but Adam from Manchester Measured Survey managed to squeeze us very next day which helped with project deadlines. We used them 4 times already and always get a professional and flexible approach and efficient turn around for drawings.

Why Manchester Measured Survey Company?

We offer unparalleled BIM consulting services, project management, and data management solutions. Our expertise in 3D scan to BIM, combined with comprehensive BIM survey capabilities, positions us as the go-to provider for any survey need, including BIM facility management, construction management, asset management, and document management.

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Elevate your project’s potential with Manchester Measured Survey Company’s expert BIM services. Discover how our Scan to BIM services can revolutionise your approach to construction, design, and facility management by saving time, reducing costs, and ensuring superior quality and sustainability.

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