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CCTV Drainage Surveys

Your Trusted Partner for CCTV Drainage Surveys

At Manchester Measured Survey Company, we specialise in providing precise and reliable CCTV drainage survey services across Manchester and beyond. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a construction professional, understanding the condition of your drainage system is crucial. With our advanced CCTV surveys for drains, we ensure that every nook and cranny of your drainage system is thoroughly inspected, identifying any potential issues before they escalate.


A professional surveyor uses advanced CCTV survey equipment to inspect a drainage system

What is CCTV Drainage?

CCTV Drainage involves the use of cutting-edge camera technology to inspect the condition of sewer and drainage lines. This non-invasive method allows for the detailed analysis of pipes, identifying blockages, leaks, and other issues without the need for excavation. It’s a cost-effective, quick, and accurate way to maintain the health of your drainage system.

Why Choose Our CCTV Drain Surveys?

Identify Common and Complex Issues: Our comprehensive CCTV drain inspection services are designed to detect a wide range of drainage problems, including.

Blockages and leaks that can cause water damage and structural issues.

Corrosion, wear and tear that deteriorate pipe quality over time.

Cracked and collapsed drains leading to severe drainage failures.

Scale build-up that can restrict water flow and lead to blockages.

Displaced joints and poor insulation, which are potential hazards.

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    A surveyor analyses footage from a CCTV drainage survey on a monitor, demonstrating the precision with which experts can diagnose and resolve drainage issues.

    Advanced Equipment

    Our team utilises the latest in CCTV survey technology

    CCTV Survey Cameras

    Our high-resolution cameras can navigate through flowing water and tight spaces, offering clear images of your drains.

    Access Rods

    With flexible design, these rods allow our cameras to navigate the twists and turns of any drainage system.


    For precise mapping, our sondes provide accurate positioning within the drainage network.



    When Do I Need a CCTV Drain Survey?

    CCTV drain surveys are not just for when problems arise; they can be a proactive measure to prevent future issues. Here are key scenarios where a CCTV drain survey is particularly beneficial:

    • Before Purchasing a Property: To avoid inheriting expensive drainage problems, a CCTV drain survey can provide a clear picture of the sewer system’s condition, ensuring you make an informed decision.
    • Frequent Blockages or Slow Drains: If you’re experiencing recurring clogs or slow drainage, a CCTV survey can identify the root cause, whether it’s scale build-up, root intrusion, or collapsed pipes.
    • After Severe Weather Events: Extreme weather can damage your drainage system. A CCTV survey post-storm or flood can assess any damage or blockages caused by debris and sediment.
    • Before Major Renovations or Construction: Understanding the layout and condition of existing drainage systems is crucial before starting construction work to avoid damaging pipes or creating future drainage issues.
    • To Map Your Property’s Drainage System: If you’re planning future maintenance or need to document the layout of your drainage system, a CCTV drain survey can provide detailed mapping and positioning.
    • Environmental Compliance: For businesses that need to adhere to strict environmental regulations regarding waste management, a CCTV drain survey can ensure compliance by identifying potential or existing issues.

    CCTV equipment for drain surveys


    How Much Does a Drain Survey Cost?

    Understanding the cost of a drain survey is important. We offer transparent pricing based on the complexity and size of your drainage system. Contact us today for a personalised quote that matches your needs without compromising quality.


    Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

    Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor
    We were looking for a topographical survey to be done for our company’s office blocks. Manchester Measured Survey completed an accurate and professional job. Received details drawing on time in great quality. Many thanks!
    Terry Brown
    Terry Brown
    Our new property’s project architect recommended us to recieve a 3D point cloud survey from Manchester Measured Survey. These guys were a pleasure to work with and as a result their work was very helpful for our project overall. Highly recommended to everybody!
    Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson
    Very delighted with the service I received from these guys. They were a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use them again.
    Olivia Brown
    Olivia Brown
    Our company has used the Manchester Measured Survey for over two years now for all our measured building survey needs. Happy with the service provided to us. The drawings were high quality and delivered in time. All our requirements were met. Highly recommended.
    Sophie Newman
    Sophie Newman
    Many thanks to the team at Manchester Measured Survey. They were super responsive and we received our floor plans and elevations very quickly and the detail is immaculate! Will definitely be using them again for future projects.
    Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson
    Our architectural firm required an urgent measured building survey and it was impossible to get an appointment but Adam from Manchester Measured Survey managed to squeeze us very next day which helped with project deadlines. We used them 4 times already and always get a professional and flexible approach and efficient turn around for drawings.

    We Are CCTV Drain Survey Specialists

    Manchester Measured Survey Company prides itself on being at the forefront of drainage inspection technologies. Our team of experts is highly trained in identifying and advising on all types of drainage issues. We’re committed to delivering exceptional service and accurate results.

    Ready to Schedule Your CCTV Drainage Survey?

    Don’t let drainage issues catch you off guard. Whether it’s for preventative maintenance or in response to a specific concern, our CCTV drainage survey services are here to provide peace of mind and protect your property. Contact Manchester Measured Survey Company today to schedule your survey and take the first step towards a healthier drainage system.

    Act Now: Ensure your property’s integrity and functionality. Call us or fill out our online form to get started on your comprehensive CCTV drain survey. Manchester Measured Survey Company is your trusted partner in maintaining a clear and efficient drainage system.

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